Daymond is a father of 4(married to Desiree) with over 12 years experience as a Definition Specialist.  

He is a former Marine with very high standards and expectations of his clients.  He does not accept excuses, and expects results.  "I forge coal into DIAMONDS"- DS

He can relate to the average person because he too has been fat before.  He knows how it feels to lack confidence, to be unhealthy, to feel insecure or go shirtless around others, he knows how it feels to be weak, which is the reason he is so passionate about helping others get the Lean, Toned, Defined, or Ripped physiques they want.  He believes that WE have a choice, WE are in control of our bodies and our lives and we CAN have it all.   

He is very busy, and very selective about WHO he trains and will ONLY train serious men and women who are willing to change and do the work required to deliver results.  

Although he is tough, doesnt accept excuses and is very raw and unedited, his true passion for helping others and having fun while training intensely always shines through. Always delivering smiles, fun, laughter during training but delivers the tough love when necessary to create results.  

He is more committed to your success than YOU could ever be.  

He likes to say "Just do as directed and you will Look and Feel better than you've every expected."