Desiree is a mother of 4 with a passion for helping other women with their life and fitness goals. Training women for over 5 years giving them them their life back through health and fitness. Also known as your unlicensed therapist. No goal is too big for anyone to achieve.  Desiree is a 11x bikini competitor with several top placings.

She understands the the busy life of a mom and works with them on how balance is achieved while hitting their goals. 

Our semi private training sessions are personalized for each individual from Beginners to Athletes to Competitors of all ages. We will design a nutrition guide to help you achieve your goal faster. 

Not only do you get Desiree as a supporter; you get the rest of the women in the group that motivate, encourage and push you. You are not just a client but a part of our family. We care about your future.